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Word Maker - FAQ

WordMaker? What Is This Site?

Maybe you've heard of us. Or maybe you haven't. Either way, this site is an easy way to get a lot better at figuring out how to make words from letters. Simply enter your letters in the box and hit the big friendly green button. The word maker will show you how to make words from letters in your hand.

What Can You Use The Word Maker For?

We built this word creator as a puzzle solving tool to help with word maker games like Scrabble or Words with Friends. It will show you the words you can make from letters in your hand. It's a great way to make words with these letters.

Does the word maker support wildcards?

No but we're working on it. We are going to extend the word maker with blank tiles. Check back later.

Why use our new word maker? (vs. the others)

Because it's 2019 and our wordmaker is straight up awesome. Didn't it load quickly? No matter how old that phone is or how weak your signal is? Did you notice the general lack of annoying advertising? Did you notice that nice green bar at the top of the screen for the secure connection to the server? That's so some creepy internet provider can't start interjecting nasty annoying ads into this site. And did we mention how fast it loads on mobile?

Now seriously, which wordmaker website do you want to use? An archaic 2003 leftover which has been utterly riddled with advertising and was built to work on green screen corporate networks? Or this sleek little puppy that was custom designed to fly around on your phones like an ferret with a latte. Assuming, of course, you would give a ferret a latte. We don't recommend it. Your typical ferret already has plenty of energy. I wouldn't give them a scrabble set either - they would probably start chewing up the tiles. But that's a personal choice, like using this site as a word maker machine.

How does the word maker work?

The word maker is a fast dictionary lookup which sorts the letters into the right order. The results are sorted in descending order, by word length. Full words, which use all the letters provided, will be listed first. Give it a try: type your letters and press the button!

Infrastructure Behind the Word Maker

This word maker takes your letters and runs them through a high speed word solving engine. The whole system is build for mobile phone users - it should respond very quick, look good on your mobile phone, and not use a lot of mobile phone data.

Other word Solver Notes

This word generator is intended for use with word games and small puzzles. It's fast and efficient. If you're interested in using a larger and more complicated version, for really difficult problems, you might find these versions useful: word descrambler, multi-word version, letter unscrambler

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